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Does lowering my MTU affect local network speed? | CheckMySpeed.org

Does lowering my MTU affect local network speed?

I lowered my MTU from 1500 to 1300. Does this affect network speeds or slow them down? Thanks.



  1. Nick W
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    Yes and no (mostly yes). MTU stands for Maximum Transmission Unit and it represents how much data gets stuffed into each TCP packet. Higher MTU = less TCP overhead. You generally want to set the MTU to be the same as your service provider to prevent the fragmentation of packets up or downstream. That's when packets have to get chopped up into more packets because the sizes aren't the same (ie., 1500 bytes into two 1300 byte envelopes). Most ethernet networks (and cable and DSL) providers use 1500 as a de facto standard. Sometimes 1492. I wouldn't change this setting unless you have to.
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